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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 19, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. this is really tearing me apart daily. having to pick out caskets. >> something no parent should have to do. a grieving mother speaks about the loss of her daughter to gunfire. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> president obama gets personal. the extraordinary moments during a surprise appearance at the white house. >> protesters take the streets again in oakland. but this time to present an entirely different message. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> for the first time, the mother of eight-year-old is expressing her feelings on camera about losing her daughter to gunfire at a sleep over in oakland. kpix5's juliette goodrich has her story tonight. >> i just wish she was here right now, so i could hold her
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and just give her one last hug and a kiss to let her know that i love her. >> her world changed for ever when her 8-year-old daughter, she calls lady bug, was shot and killed at a friend's sleepover. and i'm so sad that she didn't get to live. she didn't get to even see 23 or see a prom or just see anything. >> she was on vacation when she got the horrifying phone call no parent should ever have to hear. >> this is really tearing me apart daily. having to pick out caskets. >> her grandmother says she is heartbroken. >> i don't have anybody to dye eggs with anymore. that's all we did. she would come over and say, i'm a little helper. >> and a shooter who took an innocent life comes a mother's
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message. >> you don't knock on the door and shoot three kids. >> what do you want to say to the person who did this? >> i want them to come forward. i want them to come forward. they took someone dearly to me. >> she is touched by all of the heartfelt messages that have been left. she says she truly believes there is good in this world. just not here. >> even though the city of oakland failed her, i want her to know that the people in oakland love her. >> in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> she doesn't know who the shooter is and hasn't talked to the police. funeral arrangements are planned for next week. a call for calm. hundreds fanned out in the streets of oakland in a peaceful demonstration with signs reading justice for trayvon. it's a different picture than what we have seen earlier this week. this time, no violence and no vandalism. organizers say this unity march was for trayvon and other young
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people of color. they are asking for peace during planned protests this weekend. and president obama is weighing in on the george zimmerman verdict. in an unannounced visit, mr. obama spoke for almost 18 minutes about race. and shares his own experiences as a young black man. >> there are very few african american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store. that includes me. there are very few african american men who haven't had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars. that happens to me, at least before i was a senator. now this isn't to say that the african american community is naive about the fact that african american young men are dis proportionately involved in the criminal justice system.
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that they are both victims and perpetrators of violence. the question for me, at least, and i think for a lot of folks is, where do we take this? we need to spend some time in thinking about how do we bolster and reenforce our african american boys? and this is saying michelle and i talk a lot about. a lot of kids out there who need help, who are getting a lot of negative reenforcement. and is there more than we can do to give them a sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to invest in them. >> the white house's original plan was to have the president address the verdict during interviews tuesday with four spanish language television networks. but none asked about it. >> the president's speech comes after six days of phone
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calls to the white house from the african american community. angry protests and soul searching by mr. obama himself. one black leader says the president's remarks were well timed and well considered. >> i think the president did today was exactly needed. he did what any president should do. that is to respond to what is a crisis in this nation. >> the president's comments about race mirror conversations being heard in homes all across the country. as kpix5, sharon chin explains for african americans, the killing of trayvon martin serves as another cautionary tale. >> the talk, like a chess game is a black man's strategy for street survival and the talk of jordan's bar in san francisco's bay view. >> there hasn't been any type of trouble. >> bridgette bush told her son how to behave if he didn't do anything wrong, but gets
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stopped anyway. he will be a college freshman studying engineering. >> you show your id. everything is here in the car. you do what you need to do and don't try to be defensive. >> walter taylor passed on what he learned from his generation. >> i -- my children, none of my children know that you are going to be treated differently than what other people may be treated. >> when he was 11, zada got the talk several times from his grandparents and mother. >> make sure your hands are apparent. make sure when you are reaching for something, you tell them what you are reaching for. don't make any sudden movements. >> the former navy serviceman was wrongly accused in separate drive by shootings. being black means having to prove you are not suspicious. >> we live in a conscious state of being approved. you know, when i go to
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different areas in san francisco or when i'm in l.a., or whatever i may be, you know, it's like i have to be in a constant state of proving that i'm not that guy or i'm not here to do this or to do that. >> because of all the publicity surrounding the verdict, he will have to give the talk to his ten-year-old son this weekend. he says he is sad that in 2013, he still has to do it. >> so the talk. that's what it is known as. the talk. has it changed over the years? is it going to change in the wake of the trayvon martin case? >> the parents say the times have changed and that today's children are used to more ethnic diversity. for coleman, it will be hard to explain to his son that he could be treated differently because he doesn't classify his friends by ethnicity. >> yet in the bay area, we have a lot of that. there are a lot of ethnic cultures mixed together. >> it will be a lesson for him
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tomorrow. >> sharon, thank you for that. we learn that today one of the three victims of the plane crash at sfo died not from the crash, but being run over by an emergency vehicle. 16-year-old wong was killed when a fire rescue ran her over. >> oh my god. >> the cause of death of asiana flight passenger is listed as multiple blunt injuries that are consistent with being run over by a motor vehicle. those injuries she received, she was alive at the time. >> obviously, this is very difficult news for us. we are heartbroken. we're in the business of saving lives. >> the chief does not expect disciplinary action against the driver or drivers of the rescue rig. but in a statement, the chinese consulate in san francisco is
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urging swift action in finding who is responsible. a violent robbery on the campus has students concerned for their safety tonight about eight last night, a man sitting on a campus lawn area was pistol whipped and he had his laptop stolen. police say what is surprising in this case is the three suspects are all women. and they encourage everyone to speak up if they see something that doesn't look right. >> we are not talking about looking people because the way they dress. we are talking about behavior that strikes you as out of the ordinary. something that draws your attention. please call us. >> victim is expected to recover. police are looking at campus surveillance video to get a better look at those suspects. also tonight, there's an all-out battle to stop a wild fire from burning down tourist towns in southern california's mountains. 6,000 people in pine cove are all under mandatory evacuation
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orders. the flames consumed more than 42 square miles. 3,000 plus firefighters and almost 30 aircraft are taking on that wild fire. it is only about 15% contained. investigators say that fire was human caused, but they don't know if it was set intentionally or by accident. bart unions are ready to talk, but no one will be there to listen. the other plans keeping negotiators away for at least ten days. >> and how in the world could it of happened? a man steals a bus and goes on a joyride? we found out just how easy it is to do. >> it is cloudy and calm in the bay area tonight. beautiful shot of the bay bridge. but what's going on on the las vegas strip right now? record rain fall. we have the video to prove it. that and your local forecast coming up. >> and we all kick ourselves for losing too much money. but wait until you see how one man took out his anger. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hands. k-p-i-x 5 insider new at 10:00, caltrans has another bay bridge problem on
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its hands. phil reports, 37 seismic shots absorbers on the western span are leaking lubricant. they are called dampers and there are 96 of them all together. it will cost around $13 million to fix them. caltrans installed them nine years ago as part of a seismic upgrade. they plan to replace them starting in 2015. now we are ticking down the time to the next bart strike. but there will be no negotiations for the next ten days because bart's chief negotiator is going on vacation. the announcement comes after a day when both signs were in the same building, but apparently not the same room. the chief negotiators for bart's union workers is laying a lot of the blame at her counterpart's feet. >> for the chief negotiator for the district to be gone for ten days of the 15 days that the parties have available before the deadline is a serious, serious problem. >> earlier today, a bart
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spokesman said his agency is ready to negotiate a fair contract and all signs signed off on a five-day absence by bart chief negotiator, tomahawk, well ahead of time. strike deadline is august 4. >> an ac transit bus made an unscheduled express run from san francisco clear down to the central valley this morning. this all started about 9:30 when a man stole the bus from the terminal. the temporary one, the chp finally stopped it outside of oakdale. kpix5 tells us you can drive away. some of these buses without a key. >> bus drivers say stealing a bus is not hard. >> press a button. >> what is hard is getting away with it. >> that's pretty gutsy. a guy that took it, i don't know what he was thinking. you can't get far with that bus. >> a gps helped the chp track it down. the driver led officers on a 20 minute chase.
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they stopped the bus by using spike strips to flatten the tires. officers arrested a san francisco man, 29-year-old, justin moss, officials say this was a stand by bus parked at the transbay terminal. >> i have been here t eigh years and i can't recall that ever happening. >> and muni officials say they have never had their buses stolen. the bus drivers say they are not surprised. >> there's not much security for as far as locking the bus, we don't have keys to the bus. >> doesn't think the suspect is a former driver for them. but they think he has training. >> it's not like operating an airplane, there are procedural things you have to go through. >> i feel there was previous knowledge with how to operate a commercial-type vehicle. because he doesn't get in the large and start driving around. >> the suspect was facing several felony charges. investigators still don't know why he stole the bus.
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in san francisco. >> the chp used spike strips to bring the bus to a stop. no one else was on that vehicle. people are becoming one of the enlightened ones, one with the enlightened one himself remains of buddha and great buddha masters are on a tour in the bay area. and kit doe shows us visitors are walking away with more than just positive energy. >> little fanfare. nonetheless, buddhists say there hasn't been this much positive energy concentrated on one place in quite some time. >> and it's a very rare opportunity to actually see a relic because normally, they are enshrined in a statue in india or asia. so to have a collection this big is really quite profound. >> relics are pearl-like objects found in the cremated remains of buddhist masters. changes the mind and body on a
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molecular level. >> during these meditation, they go through the cremation, it crystallizes to form these relics. average, normal people wouldn't have relics, just really high conscious beings. >> 45 relics from present day spiritual leaders going back to the first original buddha himself. they have been handed down through the generations surviving war and conflict and are priceless. >> are you worried about the safety of the relics? >> they take care of themselves. >> about 100 people came to the opening ceremony that the ocean of compassion center. >> touched in every cell and you know you are connected to something so much bigger and holy and the whole universe. i don't know how to explain it. >> the relics have been seen by 1.8 million people in 67
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countries and only here in the bay area once every couple of years. it will be here in campbell through the weekend. >> magic word was, the weekend. >> oh yes, we're here. >> and some stuff going on in vegas. >> yeah, weather pretty calm around here. anything but in las vegas. they had a huge thunderstorm roll through. i have video to show you. this is not how you want to spend your friday night in las vegas. only thing worse would be losing money at the blackjack table. quarter inch of rain in less than a half hour. take a look at this nightclub. you bringing the roof down? we don't mean it literally. look at that. the roof is collapsing at that nightclub in las vegas because of all the rain. now it doesn't sound like much. in las vegas, it's a big deal. to my weather map to show you what's going on. it's the same ridge of high pressure that has been keeping us dry and mild is giving las vegas all the thunderstorm activity because it is taking monsoonal moisture and shoving
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it right toward the las vegas basin and there it is. all those thunderstorms rumbling through right there. you can see it all collecting and rumbling right through las vegas valley. if you have plans going there, it will be rough weather wise. more thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow. our weather perfectly dry. as a matter of fact, use the word perfect. it is very comfortable. as a matter of fact, it hasn't been that hot. concord, you haven't been above 92 more than one time out of the past 15 days. our forecast, now head of the sierra, there is the chance of a few thunderstorms on both saturday and sunday with highs in the upper 80s. back here in the immediate bay area, beautiful. sonoma, 86. let's talk more about that ridge of high pressure. it is giving places like phoenix and flagstaff in las vegas problems. it's giving us warm air. cloud cover will move around that ridge of high pressure and once low pressure gets closer to us, that's going to act like a magnet and draw up clouds.
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we aren't going to see any flooding, no thunderstorms. but we'll see an increase in cloud cover coming up on next monday and next tuesday. the weekend is looking fantastic tomorrow being the warmer day of the weekend. oakland, 74 for you. your average is 70. liver more at 94. san jose 83 degrees. los altos, 93. 82 tomorrow for san rafael. san francisco heading into the city 67. 100 tomorrow for lake port. the warmer day saturday. about 5 degrees cooler on sunday. here comes that cloud cover monday and tuesday. we'll get the sunshine back on wednesday. you know it's a nice forecast when the only big change coming is clouds. >> we'll take it. that's okay. >> steady and normal. we like that. >> and don't go to vegas this weekend. >> it will be soggy. >> thanks, paul. they study hard and stressed out to take advanced placement tests. why hundreds of scores are
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being thrown out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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millbrae high school are beg lege scores for more than 200 advanced placement tests at a high school are being tossed out. the college board service says mills high school didn't follow procedure during exams in may. among the problems, students were seated too close together, perhaps giving unfair advantage. the school demands the board reinstate the scores. somebody once said the best revenge is massive success. well, in a small town in italy, a man calmly walked into a casino and successfully
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destroyed several slot machines. he went on a rampage after losing $6500 in two days. italian police say the man used a pick ax to smash those machines. then calmly walked back out. he did not get a free drink. the casino says the man is a regular slot player. >> frustration. the newest 49ers native of san francisco and baseball is back. how the giants fair against a division leader. the minute is next. ,,,,
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49er...the cornerback was acquired in a trade with the tampa bay san francisco native, eric wright is a 49er. the cornerback was acquired in a trade with the tampa bay bucks. start the clock. happy birthday.
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90 years young. that's the strike. first inning, buster posey drives one deep to left center. just misses a home run by a few feet. blanco scores all the way from first. 1-0 giants. that would be more than enough run support for chad who had another fine performance. seven innings, 8 strikeouts. the giants shut out the d- backs. home run derby champ. albert pujols hit a few home runs. aj griffin as the a's lose 4-1. tiger woods teed off at 1:45 this morning in round two of the british open. he sinks the birdie put on 3. shoots an even 71 and tied for second in one shot off the lead, which is held by miguel. he follows up yesterday, 68 with a 71 and at 3 under, jimenez takes a one stroke lead into the weekend. 49, he is looking to become
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scott's oldest major champion. >> it's right there. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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